To help adjust to the new Diary, here's a few guides and notes that will help.


If there is a particular event you'd like attention drawn to, please email Buzby who will add it to the list of notices.

25th - 29th August 2023 - UK Nash Hash 2023, Yorkshire (details to follow)


If you have a Google Calendar you can arrange for the updates for any hash to be posted directly to your calendar. If the date is compiled correctly it'll even give a satnav type location you can use to find the starting point, so no more being lost en route! There is also the opportinuty to provide additional information, such as the need to bring you own (BYO) beer or food; special parking arrangements; etc. It's really up to your hare master to be as helpful as possible.

To help users find what they are looking for, all Diary entries must begin with the name of the hash, IE "Whatever H3 - " or the event title if non-hash. Please do not use abbreviations, IE "WH3 - ".
This Diary is only as useful as the information provided and it's up to those who maintain their individual hash diaries to make the best use of this shared facility. We have a unique situation here in the southwest with a fantastic number of hashes, and many hashers who are active with several packs. Let's encourage more visitors by providing the necessary information to enable them to find us and experience our great hospitality and fantastic locations firsthand. For more help, see notes and guides.

All hashes locally have been invited to use this facility, however some have not taken opportunity. Please use the email address below if you have any questions.

On-on, Buzby