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The July Diary has been issued

July 2019: Steady progress is being made on the trial of the new Diary and it's hopeful it will be up and running soon with additional functionality which will hopefully help us all to find those hidden away locations!

Gromit (Ashburton H3) has brought to my attention their July 30th hash. With the help of Guzunder, and no doubt others too, they are looking to raise money for WaterAid, and very worthy cause and probably something we take all to for granted. Please support them if you can.

I've been asked to draw your attention to the Dartmoor National Park's policy regarding 'events' on the moors. Whilst accepting that hashing is not the same as say, Ten Tors, they do require notice and advice if there are to be more than 50 participants. Also, there are 'out of bounds' areas due to ground nesting birds for some of the year. These are also detailed from the links above. Please circulate this information if your pack uses Dartmoor.

The National Trust are reinforcing the need to request access to their land, and have asked us again to give them as much notice of an intended hash as we can. This is nothing new. The Diary has always carried their contact number, however insurance and risk assesments have also been requested. Talks are in progress and more information has been requested to provide comprehensive guide on our website. I encourage all hare masters to make themselves aware of the detail, and revisit to review updates.

Have your future events added to the Diary and Notices for maximum publicity - and of course, keep an eye on them yourselves. If you've never been on a hash weekend before, do it this year! Loads of effort goes into making a fun weekend that'll wash away the work day blues!

If you're a visitor to our region, there's always loads going on down here so just check out the 'Diary' and the 'Notices' to see for yourself!

If there's anything you'd like to see here - ideas for additional content, new links or even corrections - please let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

On-on, Buzby



9th - 11th August - 22nd Isca Roman Awayday - Teignmouth RC, Bitton Park (TQ14 9DQ)
10th August - Sticklepath Horseshoe Fell Run (9.6miles)