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Coronavirus With the SWASH insurance now restored from August 1st, some packs locally are looking to return to hashing in whatever form they can. Others are not wanting to compromise and are waiting until we are able to run as a pack again. In any case, please keep an eye on the Diary for updates and use the links below to ensure it's all undertaken safely and within the Governments guidelines.
Please find the attached GUIDE which it is hoped will assist packs with what should be considered in order to keep the risk of infection to a minimum. This is just for guidance for now, so please keep an eye on these pages for updates on the lifting of restrictions. Keep safe and keep in touch. Buzby

UPDATE 17th July 2020: The following link to the England Athletics webpage offers current and appropriate guidelines to which we should be adhering.
Those returning to hashing might find this generic risk assessment useful, too.
Self Isolated Hash House Harriers Whilst COVID-19 may stop us physically meeting, technology will help us keep in touch! Contact Boots-in-Puss at the Self Isolated Hash House Harriers Facebook page and ask him to add you to the Messenger Group for regular updates. Friday night is Quiz Night! Not to be missed!

Get set for summer!

April 2020: Yes, it IS coming! And not soon enough! If you're not wet through, it's unlikely you left the pub on your last hash! Well, summer will be with us soon and with a packed diary of events to whet your appetite, there's plenty of hashing to be done. Let me know if you want your hash event to be added to the Notices section.

As previously mentioned, our Diary is now fully updateable by hare masters, so if your hash dates aren't there, or not updated, then perhaps your hare master could use a little assistance! The process can be found here, along with details on how your calendar it can be added to your own webpage (making it easier for your website to be updated) as well as automatically updating here too. There's also a few words on printing if necessary!

I've been asked to draw your attention to the Dartmoor National Park's policy regarding 'events' on the moors. Whilst accepting that hashing is not the same as say, Ten Tors, they do require notice and advice if there are to be more than 50 participants. Also, there are 'out of bounds' areas due to ground nesting birds for some of the year. These are also detailed from the links above. Please circulate this information if your pack uses Dartmoor.

The National Trust are reinforcing the need to request access to their land, and have asked us again to give them as much notice of an intended hash as we can. This is nothing new. The Diary has always carried their contact number, however insurance and risk assesments have also been requested. Talks are in progress and more information has been requested to provide comprehensive guide on our website. I encourage all hare masters to make themselves aware of the detail, and revisit to review updates.

If you're a visitor to our region, there's always loads going on down here so just check out the Diary & Notices to see for yourself!

If there's anything you'd like to see here - ideas for additional content, new links or even corrections - please let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

On-on, Buzby